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VIP Fitness is an amazing location, focused on Weight loss, & Nutrition. Achieving success by using Fitness Analytics to shape and mold your body to accomplish your goals.

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3-D Body Scan - $99
What is Styku? What does it measure? Styku uses 3D body scanning technology to measure body data and composition. By digitally measuring circumferences like hip, thigh, waist and bust, members can see where they are gaining muscle over time and how their body is changing with their fitness routine.
Fitness Consultation - $45
A fitness consultation lasts about one hour and may include working with an exercise physiologist, fitness specialist or personal trainer. This expert will help you develop a regular fitness routine and define your goals.
Functional Movement Screen - $99
The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a screening tool used to evaluate seven fundamental movement patterns in individuals with no current pain complaint or musculoskeletal injury. The FMS is not intended to diagnose orthopedic problems but rather to demonstrate opportunities for improved movement in individuals.
Scan & Program - $199.98
The Scan & Program option is designed for success, using state of the art Tech Fitness equipment! The program will be built in 3 stages, starting with our infrared 3-D Body Scanner “Styku”. Next you will be put through a series of assessments using a Functional Movement Screener (FMS). This will help our staff design exercises complimentary for your body type. Finally we will be setting up your nutrition and wellness plan. Enabling our team to outline the results of your fitness analytics, to ensure success with your personal program.
Vip Fitness Academy - $594.99


To be eligible for this personal training course, you must have a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certification and an automated external defibrillator (AED) certification. You may enroll in the course before having your CPR and AED certifications; however, you must have them before you take your final exam. VIP Fitness has partnered with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM )to offer affordable personal training certification courses. These courses entail student lectures as well as hands on guidance to empower students to take the NASM certification personal training exam.

Is a personal training certification right for me?

If you are looking to further your education and credentials in the health & fitness industry, then earning a personal training certification is your next step. In order to enter the fitness industry as a personal trainer, strength coach, group exercise instructor or any fitness profession, you will ultimately need to hold the certified credentials for that specific position.

The personal training certification allows you to work one-on-one with clients to assist them in reaching their personal health and fitness goals. The certification course and exam affirms that every personal trainer has the knowledge, skills, resources, and abilities necessary to design a safe and effective fitness program within their scope of practice. This is achieved by prescribing aerobic and resistance training programs to a variety of populations.
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